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Supernova Folders Create Value for Your Clients

Every Supernova FA or team has a powerful tool to demonstrate value to clients, prospects and centers of influence.  It is the surprisingly simple Supernova folder system. No…not the folder system from the dawn of manila folders; the bulging and beat-up pale yellowish tan flimsy paper ones. Not those folded, creased, and bent out of… Read more »

Segmentation Is A Continuing Process

The process of segmentation is more complex than some may initially assume. While some advisors and firms may advocate for simply dividing your book into categories based on revenue or assets, this approach is not true segmentation. At Supernova, segmentation involves identifying your ideal clients – those who will receive first-class, concierge-level service. These are… Read more »

How Can 12-4-2 Help You Determine A Client’s Risk Tolerance?

To accurately gauge a client’s risk tolerance, financial advisors can rely on frequent contact through the 12-4-2 process. To review, 12 meetings (monthly) with four quarterly reviews of which two are in-person meetings. During those meetings you can incorporate the 24-month calendar and make your monthly agenda topic risk management. Be open with your clients… Read more »

What Is a Center of influence?

An authentic Supernova practice is never stagnant and is always growing. However, it needs to be controlled, intentional growth. One way to do that is through thoughtful introductions by professionals that know your practice, know you, and introduce you to qualified prospects. As I said in the Supernova Advisor, referrals (introductions) are generated through a… Read more »