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Supernova Folders Create Value for Your Clients

The problem in financial services is that we have continually demonstrated the wrong thing.  We have shown performance charts, mountain charts, diversification presentations, sales literature, and fancy brochures but they are not demonstrations, they are all selling tools and at times, not to be trusted, hence, for internal use only. So what do you demonstrate? … Read more »

How Do You Describe A Concierge Practice?

In a world where corporate sameness or consistency is sought after, where fitting in and conforming is a virtue that is rewarded, it is difficult to find someone or something that is unique and offers more value than simply a duplicate of something else. But it is uniqueness that is sought after by every upscale… Read more »

8 Things Baby Boomers Are Looking For In An Advisor

Every 7 1/2 seconds another American turns 65. This current generation of baby boomers has more wealth, will transfer more assets and is more thoughtful about financial matters than any other generation before or coming behind. Baby boomers, those born between 1946 and 1964, are the largest demographic group in American history. They’re coming your… Read more »

Redefining Service

There is a mistaken opinion that is as old as the model T but is still followed as if it were the latest idea. The thought is this – service follows a sale. This is a bad idea but too many are still acting as if it were true. Years ago Regis McKenna wrote, “Service… Read more »