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Focused Service Will Result in Growth

It sounds counterintuitive to say, “I’m going to grow my business by reducing the number of clients I serve”. And yet, that is exactly what happens with Supernova. What happens?  Clients benefit from being able to plan ahead which makes them more loyal to you. That leads to introductions and new prospects.  Three of the… Read more »

A Client Contact Resource File can make your “Touch Base” Calls More Effective

The 12-4-2 client contact system includes eight “Touch Base” phone calls during the year. One of the questions we are frequently asked by the advisors we coach is, “What do you talk about?” Here’s one topic: In every city there is at least one newspaper that will have a financial section, a section on health,… Read more »

How Do You Describe A Concierge Practice?

In a world where corporate sameness or consistency is sought after, where fitting in and conforming is a virtue that is rewarded, it is difficult to find someone or something that is unique and offers more value than simply a duplicate of something else. But it is uniqueness that is sought after by every upscale… Read more »