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How to Turn Client Service into a Dividend Paying Strategy

During our coaching program, we ask our advisors to introduce the Supernova service model to their top clients.  This simple conversation re-establishes priorities and lets these clients know how important they are to their advisors’ businesses. It also pays big dividends! One advisor recently told us:  One thing I can take away so far is… Read more »

Are Your Energy Levels Sabotaging Performance?

In the Supernova 365 coaching program our clients work on becoming corporate athletes. Why? Corporate athletes perform with less effort and greater efficiency.  Energy has four dimensions that work in tandem to make you the best you can be. If you are lacking in any of the four areas your work will suffer. First is… Read more »

A Process for Perpetual Growth

In this Zoom webinar Rob Knapp introduces John Cunningham, Cunningham Financial Group, Louisville, Kentucky who has used the Supernova process to achieve ongoing growth in spite of Covid, a recession and other barriers. John discusses his methodology for attracting new clients and keeping them, team building and transition planning for his retirement.

Quick but Healthy Snacks

We all know a healthy diet, exercise and regular sleep results in more stamina and sustained energy throughout the day. This is especially important for the corporate athlete. Little things like healthy snacks can make a tremendous difference in balancing your energy level. According to Jim Loehr, “Time can’t be expanded but energy can. If… Read more »

But I can’t give that client away…

“The Supernova Advisor” by Rob Knapp emphasizes the importance of segmentation in financial advisory practices. Without segmentation, you can’t have a concierge practice.  Segmentation of an unmanageable client load is not just a best practice to be observed and adapted, but an absolute necessity. It is the only way to implement Supernova successfully and to… Read more »