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Enthusiastic Endorsed Model

Trusted Enthusiastically Endorsed Providers and the Giving Tree There isn’t anything magical to this business except for building relationships. You have to have confidence in your ability to build relationships, and know that those relationships will grow, and you have to practice the models. The EE Model is a great model to use. Ask every… Read more »

Topics For Monthly Update Calls

You may be wondering what you should talk to your clients every month. Here are some broad questions you can use to get the conversation started. 12 Topics Financial Advisors Can Ask Their Clients

Seven Steps to Help Clients Sell Their Family Business

“Divide your estate fairly, not necessarily equally.” How complex is it to run a family business and plan for passing the baton to the next generation? This is a perfect niche financial advisors can focus on and create value for their clients. According to the Small Business Administration, family businesses are the backbone of society… Read more »

Do You Have A GPS For Your Practice?

Roadmaps and directions from a supposedly knowledgeable individual are not quite as helpful as having ready access to a GPS system. But do you have a GPS system for your practice? Without a GPS system you can find yourself in places you do not want to be, opening accounts you do not really want with… Read more »