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Asking for an Introduction

Do you hesitate to ask your clients for introductions?  Having an exit line will give you the confidence to ask for that introduction. You are having a great meeting with a client and they say to you, “Rob, I love what you are doing for me and my family. You do a great job.” This… Read more »

How Can 12-4-2 Help You Determine A Client’s Risk Tolerance?

In a recent article in the WSJ, it was asked, “Can you count on your broker or financial advisor to tell you how much risk is right for you?”  The basis for the article was the 2012 requirement by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s requiring advisors to assess how much money clients can accept loosing…. Read more »

Doing Nothing is a Decision

Adding an investment to a client’s portfolio is a decision.  Removing an investment from a client’s portfolio is a decision.  If you have a discretionary account, you review the changes with the client.  If you have a non-discretionary account, you must get your client’s permission to execute a buy or a sell. However, doing nothing… Read more »

Informed Clients Make Better Decisions

How much misinformation are your clients exposed to on a daily basis?  If your clients listens to Jim Kramer or other talking heads on CNBC, read the USA Today or Wall Street Journal and subscribe to several internet news services they may be exposed to all kinds of inflammatory, exaggerated and even misleading articles about… Read more »