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Concierge Travel Tip

Supernova advisors use their client’s recommended professional advisors as centers of influence.  One of those advisors might be a concierge travel guide. Plan a trip or cruise to an exotic location with your local concierge travel guide and help them promote it by inviting clients and prospects to come along. Some affluent people hesitate to… Read more »

Focus On Retired Clients

Have you ever been out to lunch during the work week and noticed the well-dressed 75+-year-old couple having lunch?  She has on jewelry and heels and he is dressed in a 3-piece suit. You wonder why they are out to lunch all dressed up when they are obviously retired and could be anywhere? Seniors often-times… Read more »

Discussing Long Term Care Insurance with Your Clients

Do you remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz clicking her ruby slippers and chanting ‘there’s no place like home’ then waking up to find herself back in the warm embrace of Auntie Em? Sadly, most of the people in nursing care facilities (now referred to as independent living retirement communities and senior assisted living… Read more »