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Ten Best Tips of 2012

In reviewing the Supernova tips this year we thought these tips were worth reviewing: 10. Six Steps For Staying Energized Taking time out of your day to reenergize is critical to a high performance athelete. 9. Creating A Referrable Brand Your brand is defined by what your smallest client thinks about you. 8. Do You… Read more »

Brilliant Execution Is The Key

There is a saying among venture capitalist, “Ideas are cheap, it is the brilliant execution of the ideas that make people millions.” Steve Job’s brilliance was the execution of good ideas. Lots of people wanted a better phone, he brought it to market. Lots of people wanted a better service model, we created Supernova. It… Read more »

What Is Your Elevator Speech?

What do you say when someone asks you, “What do you do?” Too many of us give a very poor response, which goes something like, “oh, I work for _____________ firm. I am a financial advisor.” While that may be accurate, it certainly is boring. Very few people come over to us when they hear… Read more »