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Proactive Introductions

In his first meeting with a client while going through the Supernova coaching program, one of our FAs explained the refinements he was making to his practice.  Among other things, he told the client how important Centers of Influence would be for introductions. To his great surprise, this client (his largest client and a doctor)… Read more »

The Last Free Lunch On Wall Street

You don’t build a practice by denigrating your prospect’s current advisor.  In Supernova we suggest you talk about what you do, demonstrate that you do it and let the prospect compare your brand with what they are now receiving. A great example is being in front of a prospect and asking the differentiating question, “How… Read more »

Why should I do business with you?

You walk into a meeting with a prospect.  You are excited because you know this person is unhappy with his present advisor.  You have your pitch book complete with both pie charts and bar charts.  You know how you are going to start the conversation.  In short, you are excited and prepared. You sit down… Read more »